A Dirge for My Love for You

Today’s the day I killed my love for you

Took the feeling out back and shot it

Let it fall into a ditch with its hands tied back

A ravine of corrugated granite 

And lots of little sharp things

My love for you it hit them all

And blood began to fall

Out of its tender loving corpse

The blood not meaningful in any way

Because my love for you was already dead

The impact of the bullet ricocheted 

Through that dead love’s brain

A cold artifact now struck with metal

And no blood exhumed itself

Because those wounds were so old

My love for you I come to watch it

Every now and again

I look down that ravine and stare at its corpse

Fresh drops of blood collect like beads of sweat

This dead love of mine, it’s a part of who I am

When I killed it I killed a part of me

And those drops of blood that collect like dew

Each morning when I think of you

They’re draining me of myself

In this dying death of my love for you.

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